Technical Diving in Thailand – Take the Ultimate Deep Diving Challenge


Technical diving training is not a brand new matter to Thailand however, the discovery of world class ship wreck sites has made Thailand an even more desirable place to review. Within the past few years heavy water explorers have located more than 20 previously unexplored ships lying at the depths. These artificial reefs incorporate a fully complete WWII US Submarine, two drill boats, huge cargo and POW boats and early junks. Many more sites remain unexplored which makes this area a mess diving heaven.

Diving conditions are exceptional and ideal for training and appreciating the ability. Warm, clear water with hardly any current and mostly calm seas make for relaxed and pleasing diving. Your training begins ราชภัฏสวนสุนันทา inside the shallow water, diving the same sites that amateur sailors use, which means that you have the chance to observe turtles, birds, sharks, whale sharks and a selection of soft and hard corals using an abundance of tropical reef fish. Once this training is complete most places can only offer completion of your class going deeper on the identical recreational sites. This is the big gap that Koh-Tao offers as you’ll progress to your amazing and hardly visited wreck websites.

Koh Tao revolves round diving and also the after dive social landscape is vibrant. Restaurants and pubs are all available to suit every pocket and taste. Non sailors will love the island too, the beaches are long and calm with lots of abandoned coves to explore, there is miniature golf, 10 pin bowling and lots of spas and massage parlours to unwind too.

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